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Stop Harassing My Mom & What Would I Say to President Trump?「別跟特朗普總統打交道」?我焉能枉擔此虛名!


Stop Harassing My Mom & What Would I Say to President Trump?「別跟特朗普總統打交道」?我焉能擔此虛名!


I was told that my mom was harassed in China again recently. With the approach of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party is so nervous that they had the leader of my mom''s former workplace give a warning to her, who has retired long ago and is only a harmless lady of 75 years old. 




They required my mother to pass on their messages to me: Don''t come into contact with President Donald J. Trump, don''t do anything that will harm the party and the homeland, and support the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China so that the congress can be held and finished smoothly.


It seems to me that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)''s spy network in the United States is not working that properly and efficiently. Have I ever had any channels to set up any contact with President Donald J. Trump? Oh I wish I could! If I were really capable of getting into contact with him, I would:


我要真能跟特朗普總統打上交道,那麼我會:1. Give him a copy of "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party", and let him know that the CCP is the real enemy and the biggest terrorist in the world. As the leader of the free world, he should definitely read this book and see the CCP for what it is.


2. Give him a copy of "An update to Bloody Harvest & The Slaughter" (http://endorganpillaging.org/an-update/) and remind him that the U.S. congress has unanimously passed House Resolution 343(https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-resolution/343/text) to express concerns over China’s organ procurement from non-consenting prisoners of conscience, including from “large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners and members of other religious and ethnic minority groups.” 

I''d like to remind him that another type of genocide is still happening in China. It once took a long time for the world to believe the existence of the Auschwtiz, and the world once vowed "Never Again." Unfortunately, lessons have not been learned, and a new form of evil has been happening for more than a decade in China, where masses of people have been killed on demand for their organs.

2、送他一本中共活摘器官的最新調查報告,並提醒他,美國國會已全票通過343決議案,譴責中共迫害法輪功及活摘器官。我會告訴他,這確實無疑是另一次大屠殺。當年兩名證人從納粹集中營逃出來,向世界揭露猶太人正在遭受大屠殺時,人們剛開始也不相信他們。後來,觸目驚心的大屠殺事實曾讓人們發誓:「絕不再讓慘案重現(Never Again)」。然而,今天發生在中國的大規模「按需殺人」的驚天罪惡,已經持續了十多年!

3. Give him a copy of my memoir "Witnessing History: one woman''s fight for freedom and Falun Gong"(https://www.jenniferzengblog.com/about/), and a DVD of the award-winning documentary "Free China: the courage to believe" (http://freechina.ntdtv.org), which features my story. 

I would like to tell him, that countless numbers of my innocent fellow Falun Gong practitioners are still suffering what I once suffered in the labor camp for their belief in the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance". Many of them are forced to do slave labor, and the cheap products have been exported to the world, including the United States. This has been hurting local industries of many countries, including the United States.

3、我會送他一本我的自傳《靜水流深》(https://www.jenniferzengblog.com/about/),和以我為主角的獲獎紀錄片《自由中國:有勇氣相信》 (http://freechina. ntdtv.org)的光盤,我會告訴他,千千萬萬的法輪功學員,正在承受當年我所承受過的,他們除了被殺害、被活摘器官、被酷刑折磨外,還被迫做奴工,廉價的奴工產品出國到世界各地包括美國,嚴重地傷害當地的企業,這不是他最關心的問題之一嗎?

…………It is a pity that I don''t see any chance for me to get any closer to President Trump than where I am now. It is ridiculous that my mom in China has been groundlessly harassed for what I have not done and will not have any chance to do. So, I am writing this post here, in a hope that the mighty internet could help, and that somehow the above messages of mine can reach the president, or at least his assistants and staff. My mighty Facebook friends, if you have any channels, please do help. Otherwise, wouldn''t my mom be harassed for nothing?



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