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我用書換來的最美麗聞浪漫的回報The Most Beautiful and Romantic Reward I Ever Received for My Book



The Most Beautiful and Romantic Reward I Ever Received for My Book 

Ariel Tian and Jennifer Zeng 

Jennifer exchanged her book for the above necklace 

So far I have never “advertised” anything on my blog, so this is really the only exception! The reasons are:
1. This is the most beautiful and most romantic reward I ever received for selling my book. Usually people only give me very “ordinary looking” cash notes or checks. The annual sales reports I received from my publisher are at most “business like looking”. Nothing can compare with this!
2. I am a big fan of Ariel Tian. She is a real artist. Yesterday, when she shared with me her understanding of art, of jewelry, of the reason why she embarked on her current path, etc, I was really fascinated. Her unique understanding of all these really impressed me. At one stage, when she talked about a letter she received from a customer, she chocked in tender tears. And I could feel her joy, her deep emotion and her pure heart for being able to help that lady to find a new path, a most important path of her life after being in contact with Ariel. I hope everyone can read her artist’s statement; and hear her illustrate her understanding of art and jewelry!
2、我是此藝術品製作者Ariel Tian(田甜)的粉絲。她是個真正的藝術家。昨天當她向我講述她對藝術、首飾的理解,以及她爲何要走上做首飾這條路的心路歷程時,我真的很受感動。她講到一位因認識她而改變了人生軌跡、走上了法輪大法修煉之路的客戶的故事時,眼裏充滿了眼花。我被她真誠的心深深打動。我希望大家都能看到她的「藝術家陳述」,聽到她對藝術和首飾的理解!
3. I am also a big fan of her husband Matthew Robertson, who is a very outstanding bi-lingual investigative journalist of the English Epoch Times. Everyone should read his in-depth coverage about the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China. I was also quite fascinated by the most lovely love story between Ariel and Matthew. But I won’t say anything about it here, as I am afraid that I don’t have the permission. Please wait to read Ariel’s own writing "Love of Eternity".
3、我也是她先生Matthew Robertson的粉絲。Matthew Robertson是位了不起的雙語調查記者,爲英文大紀元工作。他對中共活摘器官的深入調查報告非常值得一讀。田甜與Matthew Robertson的愛情故事也很非同尋常呢!鑑於田甜正在寫她的「永恆的情感」系列,我這裏就不劇透了哈。大家等著看她的自述吧。
4. I love the fact that she quoted a most beautiful poem of Lin Daiyu in “A Dream of Red Mansions” to illustrate this necklace she hand-made for me. And the poem goes like this(my own poor translation plus some “stretches” of the original two line Chinese. Poems are so hard to translate.)
Crushed gold serves as my mould
And Jade is my pot
With some of plum-blossom’s soul inside me
I quietly flourish
In the breeze at close of an Autumn day
For the moon maidens to appreciate
Isn’t this lovely? Ever since I was child, my mother always said that I was a Lin Daiyu because I also had very poor health; and I also liked to wipe a lot like her.
Later on, after I grew up and gave birth to my daughter, my health was totally ruined because of a medical accident. At that time I often thought about Lin Daiyu; and feeling connected with her. While she was afraid of being ridiculed by others in an unfamiliar environment as a helpless orphan who had to reply on her relatives, I was afraid of being humiliated by my diseases. 
Well, happily enough and much luckier for me, I started practicing Falun Gong in 1997 and fully recovered soon. Since then I have never had any illnesses, nor did I harbor any Lin Daiyu style self-pity any more; as I have been the happiest person most of the time.
However, I still like Lin Daiyu very much. I like her talent, her character, her bravery and her pure heart.
And all in all, this necklace is my favorite piece; and I hope you can check out Ariel’s website below in case you are considering buying a valentine gift for your loved ones:


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