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China, my dear China


Those of you who have read my book, Witnessing History, are well aware of the anguish and pressures, the agony and the insanity, endured by prisoners illegally detained in the labour camps of China. Those who have not, read on, because I will take you into a nightmare that even I have difficulty comprehending–the horror of man’s indescribable and unimaginable inhumanity to man.

   I speak of the recently discovered Auschwitz-style concealed concentration camp, nestled beneath the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, in Sujiatun, a suburb of Shenyang, the largest city in northeastern China. According to the Washington Times report of March 24 this year, a journalist using the pseudonym of Jin Zhong fled China to expose this depraved atrocity to the world – a world with no idea that such things not only take place, but are considered quite passé within the mindset of the present Chinese Communist Regime. There have been another two people associated with this bizarre practice come forward as witnesses—no doubt there will be more.

   Let’s examine the business dealings of this nightmare ‘medical centre’.

    Organs for sale!

   What a desperate situation to be in – you or your loved one are in urgent need of a life-saving kidney, liver, heart, lung…it’s a matter of life or death. Naturally, you would not be informed on the website or by the shifty person selling organs on the black market exactly where they came from. How would you feel knowing that the cornea you just had transplanted was, a few hours before, surgically removed from a living, breathing person—a so-called ‘prisoner’ labeled for execution. Not because they murdered, stole, defrauded or assaulted, but simply because their will could not be broken through many months, even years of brainwashing, violence, and ultimately torture. These are the hapless victims of Sujiatun – earmarked for a one-way ticket to a prison where no one comes out alive. All practitioners of the peaceful, non-violent, Buddha-based Falun Gong; just like me!

   It reads like a thriller novel—if only this story was a work of fiction, spawned in the fevered imagination of some insomniac writer in a state of poor psychological health. Oh, no, this is reality; and it is the kind of reality that the CCP would have the world accept as “Chinese”. “Never mind”, they would like us to say, “that’s what they’re all like over there.” Well, I’m from “over there” and I will never subscribe to the gross loss of morality and care for other humans that has evolved over the past 50-odd years, since the CCP began contaminating the once-beautiful, richly traditional heart of my home nation.

   For example, consider this February 25 1998 extract from the Toronto Star:

   Cheng Yong Wang, 41, and Xingqi Fu, 35, were arrested Friday on charges of trying to profit from the sale of corneas, kidneys, skin, livers, pancreases and lungs harvested from executed prisoners.Human rights activist Harry Wu, who spent 19 years in Chinese labour camps for criticizing the Beijing government, said he told the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation about the alleged criminal ring after videotaping a meeting with Wang at a Manhattan hotel Feb. 13."He didn''t feel any regret or any sorrow. It was just like he was cutting the pig meat at a meat market," Wu said. "He''s a butcher, a human beings butcher."The man boasted he could guarantee delivery of hard-to-get body parts for American patients who could travel to China, Wu said."I kill them. I kill them for you," Wu said Wang told him.Posing as a doctor from a dialysis centre, Wu videotaped the 2 1/2-hour session with Wang before contacting the FBI, which videotaped its own meeting with Wang a week later.

   ...For a softer, silkier complexion…

   Want to combat aging skin? Just buy a new one! European cosmetics companies have been buying the products of skin taken from the bodies of executed prisoners for years. We are told this by a Chinese company that develops collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from the skin of prisoners who have been shot. According to an agent for the company, the use of skin from condemned convicts was "traditional" and nothing to "make such a big fuss about". Below is a passage from London’s Guardian newspaper report on the topic:

    "A lot of the research is still carried out in the traditional manner using skin fromthe executed prisoners and aborted fetus," the agent was quoted as saying. Thematerial, he said, was being bought from "biotech" companies based in HeilongjiangProvince and was being developed elsewhere in China.

   He suggested that the use of skin and other tissues harvested from executed prisoners wasnot uncommon. "In China it is considered very normal and I was very shocked thatWestern countries can make such a big fuss about this," he said.

   In the past, human rights groups have charged that China was using organs harvested fromexecuted prisoners for medical transplants both domestically and internationally. Chinaexecuted about 3,400 prisoners last year, according to Amnesty International.

   It is harsh enough that real criminals be subjected to such inhumanity, but when those whose intent is the total opposite to that of criminals, and whose only crime has been to try to spread the benefits of their practice to other sentient beings—now there’s a real crime. Most executions of prisoners are done with a clean bullet wound to the back of the head, but in Sujiatun, especially now that supplies of anaesthetic are running low, many of the ‘operations’ take place on barely anaesthetized victims. (for report see: New Witness Confirms Existence of Chinese Concentration Camp, Says Organs Removed from Live Victims:http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/6-3-17/39405.html)

   There are some things money can’t buy

   My early childhood was shot through with images of the Cultural Revolution—my father banished to a remote small township for being an intellectual, my family torn to shreds before I could even think for myself. My growing years, my teenage years, were all peppered with the insult of learning, living and working within the parameters set by the corrupt Communist ways and thoughts. Naturally, I was caught up in it, with a career that so many envied: I was going places with the backing and blessing of the CCP.

   But they never truly got to own me; even with the perpetual day-in-day-out brainwashing in the labour camp; rather than reforming me, they spurred me on to get out of there and expose their rottenness to the world. Did I become a ‘typical’ Chinese person, driven by greed and lust for material gain – a ‘baby-boomer’ of the biggest, yet most tragic boom in the history of this world? Quite the opposite: I was inspired to search for the goodness in humanity that I always knew was part of every cell, every particle of all living and non-living beings.

   And now, I must watch from foreign soil as the demonic force that has taken hold in the basement of this Sujiatun ‘hospital’ butchers people like me—people who only want the best for humanity; 6,000 such souls whose numbers are being rapidly reduced while we remain blissfully removed from it, enjoying the comforts of this affluent society that consumes the products of such complete depravity. And it all began with one man, threatened by the thought of losing the political power that these people shun as material attachment. That man is Jiang Zemin, ex-President of the most cruel and bloodthirsty dictatorship—ever. Is that what I must claim as my home nation? It is not the real China, my China.

   Where to from here?

   The Chinese Communist regime has single-handedly taken one of the most highly refined and functional cultures spanning a (known) 5,000 years, and reduced it to a status far lower than any animal would dare to stoop. In the name of propping up a wobbly and unstable economic and environmental zeppelin, doomed to implode on itself, the Party has not only lost its last grasp on ethics and morality, but is tarnishing the name of Chinese culture and the innocent Chinese people who have, by and large, had enough of being misrepresented to the world as butchers and brutal barbarians.

   People wonder why Falun Gong, and the Western media who are supportive of us, persist in opposing the CCP with so much vigour. Some call it ‘Commie-bashing’. Perhaps when Sujiatun is revealed in its hideous completeness, the people of the world will come to understand, once again in hindsight, as always seems to be the way, just how evil this regime has been, and now is.

 But good will prevail—it always does. A spring will soon come when China will free herself from this global defamation on their behalf; when this complete reversal of how humans were intended to live together in the world ends, and all of the kindness that inherently makes up the world we live in blossoms, and we will look back and say: “My dear China, what did they do to you?”


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