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勿為私下的行為而公開地哀痛-What Can We Learn From "Never Again"


(在支持章翠英起訴江澤民新聞發佈會上的發言 )

(Speech at the Public Rally Supporting Zhang Cuiying''s Case Against Jiang Zemin)


   "The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated."

      「我們所要指控與懲罰的罪行,其策劃之精心,其性質之惡毒,其後果是如此具有毀滅性,以致文明決不能聽之任之。否則,如果這些罪行在今後重演,文明本身將不復存在。 」

      These were the words of Robert H. Jackson, Chief Prosecutor of the International Tribunal at Nuremberg which tried Adolf Hitler for crimes against humanity.

      以上引自對希特勒做出審判的紐倫堡國際法庭首席檢察官羅伯特. 傑克遜。

      Over fifty years after the Nazi persecution, the Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice was formed precisely to prevent their being repeated – to proactively oppose persecution, rather than lamenting it after the event, as happened in this and other global situations. To this end, the largest human rights legal battle since World War Two has been launched, with twenty-two cases having been filed in countries around the world, including a submission to the Hague International Court for the investigation and trial of Jiang Zemin, the ex-CCP leader who instigated the persecution.

      納 粹對猶太人的迫害過去五十多年以後,全球審江大聯盟正是為類似的罪行不再被重複而成立的。我們要盡一切所能反對迫害,而不是等悲劇發生以後再去悲傷——正 如在二戰之中,和其它許多全球性事件上。為制止罪行,一場二戰以來最大的人權訴訟抗爭正在展開,有二十二起針對發起對法輪功的迫害的前中共總書記江澤民的 訴訟已在全世界範圍,包括海牙國際法庭被提交。


   Australian law is based on the British Westminster System – the great cornerstone of democratic law. This court where we stand is one of the highest courts in the Australian judicial system. Unlike China, where both legal and political processes are subject to one party’s whim, here in Australia, both systems are meant to operate freely and independently, serving the people—people like Zhang Cuiying, an individual suing the ex-president, and the 610 office, of the one-party system that illegally detained and tortured her.

      澳 洲採用的是民主法律的基石——英國威斯敏斯特法律體系。現在我們就是站在澳洲司法體系中的最高法院之一的面前。這裡不是被中共劫持的中國——在那裏,法律 和政治體系都只為一個政黨的狂想服務。在澳大利亞,法律和政治體系都是自由而獨立地運作的,它們只應服務於民眾——像章翠英這樣的公民。她為自己所遭受的 非法關押和酷刑折磨而起訴江澤民和一黨專制的產物610 辦公室。

      But the Global Coalition is very concerned, and it has solid grounds for that concern. It is witnessing the Foreign Affairs Department of Australia effectively seeking to interfere with the free passage of the democratic legal process. It is seeing an alarming collusion, not just between the Foreign Ministers of China and Australia, but there is evidence that the same politicians who sit in a democratic parliament, are actually assisting and advising the Chinese in avoiding an embarrassing litigation process — one that seeks justice for genocide, torture and crimes against humanity.

      全 球審江大聯盟對澳洲外交部對章翠英起訴案的介入非常關注。我們感到震驚,因為外交部試圖影響民主國家的法律過程,在國會擁有席位的外交部官員居然為受到起 訴的中共官員出謀劃策,幫助他們擺脫這個「尷尬」的法律過程,一個為群體滅絕罪行、酷刑罪和反人類罪尋求司法正義的過程。

      Australia has witnessed a steady stream of Chinese dignitaries visiting her shores to further nurture the trade partnership. In March 2002 we saw the first signing of the banner certificates by the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, designed to uphold the dignity of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister, who, along with the other visiting dignitaries, continues the long tradition of denying dignity to others. Such as the peaceful Falun Gong who are not welcome to express an opinion in a democratic country.


     The recent revelations of what is going on, not just in China, but also in Australia, sounds like a surreal, irrational ‘conspiracy theory’. But, unlike democratic countries, Chinese Communists do not make decisions based on rational logic. The military suppression of students in Tiananmen Square is a perfect example. It was a hysterical reaction to a peaceful situation. Does the Great Cultural Revolution with its destruction of tradition, culture, and its targeting of different classes, turning families against each other, make any logical sense? The CCP’s suggestion of making Australia a “Great Border Area” of China fits quite comfortably with the previous irrational strategies.



      The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice has pledged to ensure that justice is served as much in the courts of conscience and morality, as in the courts of law. For all of these reasons the Coalition fully supports the case of Zhang Cuiying and all the other individuals who are trying to be heard in democratic courts today, so that ones like the Nuremburg Tribunal won’t have to publicly grieve what was privately condoned.


   「將 江澤民送上良心、道義和法律的審判台」是全球審江大聯盟的宗旨。基於以上所有原因,大聯盟全力支持章翠英和所有其他個人在民主國家的法庭上尋求正義和公正 的行為。讓我們希望,像紐倫堡法庭一樣的民主法庭,永遠也不會在歷史的將來,因為曾放棄了對罪犯的追究而不得不公開地表達自己的懺悔和哀痛。


On behalf of the Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice by Jennifer Zeng

July, 2005





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