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澳洲,请远离今日之“泰坦尼克” Speech at the Public Rally Supporting Chinese Defector Chen Yonglin and Hao Fengjun




   It is becoming more obvious every day that the Chinese Communist Party ship is sinking. Nearly 2 and a half million people have already jumped for their lives from this modern-day Titanic. This is a ship carrying a ‘gangster regime’, a corrupt movement, a harmful and dangerous ‘cult’, so why is the Australian government so willing to jump on board and be drowned along with them?


   The people of Australia and its government have in their hands the power to help end the Communist tyranny that today is causing immense grief and suffering to people and their families, not just in China, but across the world. Ask yourself: “Do they have the right to bring terror into peaceful, democratic countries? Do they have the right to make even those they call ‘comrade’ live in fear and terror? Do they have the right to make these people live their lives torn in half by the need to survive or the duty to their conscience?”


   Mr Chen Yonglin made the claim that there are at least 1,000 spies operating in Australia today. In my book, Witnessing History, on page 314 there is a brief discussion on the presence of a known 1,000 ‘agents’ of Jiang Zemin’s regime who had been dispatched, at great expense to Chinese taxpayers, in the form of journalists, merchants and spies. This was reported back in 2002.. When I first arrived in Australia after my detention and my escape from China, even I was suspected of being a spy, sent out here to infiltrate the ranks of Falun Gong. Can you be certain the person standing next to you right now is not a CCP agent? A Queensland man, Ji Yunsheng, has been reported in the media as openly declaring that he was enlisted to spy in Brisbane, and there is documented evidence of many such cases around Australia.



   Why is it acceptable for a certain section of the Australian community, in a free, democratic society, to live in fear and suspicion, while everyone else is guaranteed a life free of terror? Are Mr Chen and Mr Hao assured of a life free from terror? Why is there diplomatic immunity for some, but not for others? How can the ‘dignity of the mission’ of Chinese diplomats and dignitaries like Mr Chen be protected in writing by Australia’s Foreign Minister ONLY when he is helping to persecute Falun Gong, but not when he bravely chooses to stop? And what is the ‘crime’ of Falun Gong practitioners that they are spied upon right under the noses of the Australian government? Is it because we are misunderstood? Is it because the Australian media sometimes portrays us the way the Communist government wants us portrayed? Is it ok for anyone who values spiritual belief over material gain and refuses to use violence against violence to become victims under governments who are only interested in trade?

   为 什么在澳洲,一个自由民主的国度,还有人必须生活在恐怖和怀疑之中?陈用林和郝凤军能享有免于恐惧的生活吗?为什么当陈用林参与迫害法轮功时,澳洲外长月 月签发文件来保证他的“尊严”;而当他勇敢地选择不再参与迫害时,他就不再享受保护了呢?他们凭什么敢于在澳洲政府的眼皮底下监视法轮功学员?难道是因为 人们误解了我们吗?难道是因为我们的媒体有时像中共的宣传机器一样抹黑我们吗?为什么要使重精神信仰甚于物质利益的人成为只关心贸易的政府的牺牲品?

   The Chinese Communist ship is going down. The Australian government is unfortunately allowing itself to be caught in the undertow, and will most certainly be pulled under if they do not jump free NOW! The Australian people must think clearly for their government, as its thinking is clouded with false images of a shining economy that is only balanced, like a rotting tooth, ready to cave in at the slightest touch. Keep watching, because soon we will see this mighty economic and political infrastructure tumble.


   I appeal to the people of the world who have a conscience and who care about humanity, to stand up and speak out. Let the voice of justice be heard.

   Please use all your many small voices and call together for an immediate end to the torture and terror of suppression against the Chinese people, not just in China but around the world.



June 13, 2005


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